Contribution shift Atlas UEF of Orthoptera

The ascetic plans to soon publish an update of the permanent Catalogue of entomofauna on Orthoptera (published in 2009 by the Union of French Entomology), which had been coordinated by B. default, E. Sardet and Y. Braud to the title of the ascetic.

If you have new comments from the 2009 edition, we invite you to us, if you wish, before March 16, 2016 at the latest, to the following address:

Updates can be of several types: News, change of category of scarcity, error correction…
In order to take into account these updates, it is essential to know at least the present case, the year of observation, the municipality and the observer. This information can be transmitted by plain text mail, or other format.

But if you want to pass more comprehensive raw data, the following format is recommended:
-name of the taxon, depending on the taxonomic repository published by the ascetic, whose update is permanently available on the site here.
-date (day-month-year).
-geographical location (latitude, longitude, altitude) and administrative (commune, Department).
Comment: for geographical co-ordinates, prefer if possible decimal degrees (in the WGS84 repository) or Lambert 93.
-The data collector (s); If different determinator (s) and if applicable, validator (s): name, first name and, if possible, contact information.
-Manager of the source data: name and contact information.
All on spreadsheet.

Handbook of identification of Orthoptera

Handbook for the identification of the Orthoptera of France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland + CD audio

A very comprehensive guide to the grasshoppers, crickets and locusts.

To order the book: the Biotope Club

Features of the book:cahier_identification_orthopteres

  • Authors: Eric SARDET, Christian ROESTI, Yoan BRAUD
  • Number of pages: 304
  • Price: €35 ttc
  • ISBN: 978-2-36662-155-6
  • Edition BIOTOPE
  • Collection: Book identification
  • Binding: Soft with flaps
  • Release date November 2015
  • Width in cm: 24
  • Height in cm: 16.5
  • Depth in cm: 1.2
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Audio CD included with 222 songs

After the specification for identifying dragonflies to the Biotope editions, here’s one on Orthoptera. This book is designed to be carried away on the ground that for checks at home. This is not really a Pocket size book but it fits easily into your backpack. With the 261 species and subspecies that are presented, this guide is comprehensive. The dynamic layout of the pages allows a rapid and correct determination. This is done using a systematic key with designs on the left pages and using photos, on the right page, on which arrows indicate the peculiarities that distinguish the sexes. For each species, there is a detailed distribution map. This guide also contains general chapters on morphology, biology, ecology, habitats and approaches. Reading these pages will facilitate searching of grasshoppers, crickets and locusts on the ground. In total, there are more than 700 drawings and over 600 photographs. Periods of observation, habitat types, altitudes and the possibility of confusing are also shown. As a bonus, this book contains 155 oscillograms that allow to view the songs of Orthoptera difficult to hear or acknowledge to ear and an audio CD of 222 songs of Orthoptera in mp3.

extract P172_173 audio CD


authors eric sardet_christian roesti_yoan braud Orthoptera

Fauna of France of Orthoptera

Locusts from France (Orthoptera Caelifera) volume 1, issues a and b

An indispensable book for the orthopterists.

To order the book: Faune de France.

Erratum: Erratum_Faune France: fascicle 1 a and 1 b

Features of the book:

  • Author: Bernard DEFAUT, David Mfaune_de_franceORICHON
  • Number of pages: 687 pages, 144 figures and xxi pl pictures out of text
  • Price: €65 incl. VAT (two volumes)
  • ISBN: 978-2-903052-36-2
  • Edition Fédération française des sociétés de sciences naturelles
  • Collection: Faune de France
  • Binding: soft
  • Release date: June 2015
  • Width in cm: 24
  • Height in cm: 16
  • Depth in cm: 2 x 2 books

To learn more:

Download order form:

Tool database Orthoptera: Cybertracker

cybertrackerThe "CyberTracker Entomological data collection Base" was designed to meet the needs of entomologists for collecting information on the ground and long term storage of data.

The Entomological basis is articulated in two parts:

  • the Entomological data collection module consisting of a series of interfaces of screens that allows to collect directly in the field of information.
  • the Entomological database structured and organized in the form of a table with a map in which the information gathered on the ground will automatically incorporate.

The base and its user guide can be downloaded here.

Example of interfaces of the Entomological basic screens:

  Cybertracker2     Cybertracker3    Cybertracker4