AG Ejulve 2015

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Access to the cottage Casa rural María Teresa, Ejulve (44559, Teruel, Spain). Accommodation conditions, terms and conditions of booking

Ejulve is located in the Iberian chains, ≈ 90 km SSE of Zaragoza (Zaragoza) and 22 km to the ESE de Montalban. Casa rural María Teresa and the Carretera bar are on the main street (that is Vienna by Montalbán, West, or Alcorisa, East; coordinates bar):
N 40.776017 °, W 00.554196 °, 1 120 m). The cottage owners are also the managers of the bar.

The initial appointment is set to bar the Carretera, Friday 16 October from 5 pm.


The cottage is very neat, very clean, almost luxurious. The two apartments each include a kitchen, a dining room, a living room (with Wifi), several (detail below) rooms and sanitary facilities; the 3rd floor apartment boasts a terrace.

In the apartment in the 2nd floor there are 4 bedrooms with in each 2 beds in 1 place, and 1 bedroom with 1 bed 2 places. in the apartment in the 3rd floor there is 1 bedroom with 2 beds; 1 place and 1 bedroom with 1 bed 2 places can also open a ' Click – Clack ' in 2 places. Finally it can be to sleep in this gite 13 persons, or even 16 people including 3 couples.

But you can still make sleep, and for the same price, 4 people (or 5 people including 1 couple) in the bar's owner, who lives just above the bar on the 1st floor.

Total coating is therefore assured for 17 people, or 21 people including 4 couples.

Will be dinners in the Carretera in either the great refectory (< 19 persons) in the ground floor of the cottage.

For breakfast and lunch can be supplied from the local grocery store, or else have them prepared by the Manager of the Carretera.

We rent the complete cottage, or at least one of the two apartments, according to the number of participants, and we will take all the dinners together. And we rent for the full period specified above (from October 16 evening, to the 21 October in the morning). This is why we ask you, by way of exception, to settle in advance all of half board: €144 per person, including:

-5 nights (from 16 to 21 October) x €18 = €90

-4 dinners (from 16 to 20 October) x €9 = €36

-1 lunch (17 October, day of the AG) x €9 = €9


Enable to authorizations to capture we ask you to book with the ASCETIC specifying if you intend to come alone or as a couple, and we sending before May 31, 2015 the early settlement of the stay, or 135 (€270 for a couple).


-The members who would prefer to organize themselves their stay in the Maestrazgo region may participate in General on 17 October meetings and excursions the following days.

The following excursions are planned in the vicinity on 18, 19 and 20 October:

-18 October: to Las Cuevas de Calzada / La Algecira

  1. The Agustina Val hunting
  2. Hunt place called El Estrecho
  3. Stop the Algecira photo
  4. The Latonera hunting

-19 October: towards Ejulve / Villarluengo

  1. Hunt place called Cerro del Raspador
  2. Hunting the Mas del Rajo
  3. Hunting the Masada of los Barrancos
  4. Stop «Montoro Organos» photo

-20 ocstobre: towards Ejulve / Aliaga

  1. Majalinos hunt
  2. Hunting the Mas del Señor


Among the species previously found:

Station 1: Eugryllodes SP., Acinipe deceptoria Stenobothrus festivus, Geomantis larvoides, etc.

Station 2: Petaloptila SP., Ramburiella hispanica Oedipoda coerulea

Station 4: Oedipoda coerulea, Tetrix gavoyi

Station 5: Antaxius kraussii deceptoria, Kurtharzia nugatoria, Geomantis larvoides, Pijnackeria hispanica Acinipe

Station 6: Omocestus minutissimus Omocestus panteli

Station 7: Thyreonotus corsicus, Parasteropleurus perezii, Petaloptila SP., Eugryllodes SP., Acinipe deceptoria, Chorthippus jucundus, Kurtharzia nugatoria, Ameles spallanzania, Pijnackeria hispanica

Station 9: Antaxius kraussii, Saga pedo, Kurtharzia nugatoria, Arcyptera microptera Stenobothrus bolivari, Stenobothrus grammicus Omocestus minutissimus

Station 10: Stenobothrus festivus, Stenobothrus fischeri, Oedipoda charpentieri