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The permanent Catalogue of entomofauna
National series
ORTHOPTERA Ensifera – Caelifera

Number 7 of the permanent Catalogue of French entomofauna of the U.E.F, devoted to the Orthoptera (Ensifera and Grasshopper) has just been published. This is the result of a bibliographic survey conducted by B. default, E. Sardet & Y. Braud, followed by a collective work of more than 110 orthopterists under the coordination of the ASCETE, everything is being smeared on almost 3 years.

We have been vigilant with regard to taking account of the data collected, because experience showed us that it was very easy to be mistaken in good faith in the determination of the Orthoptera. From this point of view nobody is immune to errors.

The book includes 94 pages in total, and it is divided into two large groups: a narrative, and distribution maps.

In the first set are listed other than the three coordinators atlas contributors. Then come a history project and the nomenclatural notes, faunistic and taxonomic on taxonomic list reference, and finally comments on questionable or erroneous departmental data encountered in the literature and on the internet site of the INPN (National Museum of natural history), very marginally on the Orthoptera discussion forum. This last part is the larger (31 pages)

The maps for 217 species (236 taxa of subspecific rank), are built according to the principles of the catalog, but slightly adapted:

  • The date chosen hinge is the limit 1990 / 1991.
  • On the maps there are only only 1 featured departmental for the old data (before 1991), but 2 figured for recent data (after 1990), to reflect the frequency of populations, to the extent possible.
  • There are figuratively 1 for dubious or erroneous data in potential departments for species, and 1 other to erroneous data in departments considered non-potentiels for the species. (As already said, the placing in doubt or rejection of data are justified in detail in the last part of the text).

The specification also includes the complete list of references, and ends with the index of taxa. As it is, this catalogue is the result of the work carried out in 2006-2009. But it is a «permanent» catalog It will be corrected and supplemented in the coming years.

The ASCETE coordinators

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Default Bernard, Sardet & Yoan Braud (ASCETE’s coordinators), 2009 – Catalogue permanent de l’entomofaune française, fascicule 7, Orthoptera : Ensifera et Caelifera. U.E.F. éditeur, Dijon, 94 pages.