Contribution shift Atlas UEF of Orthoptera

The ascetic plans to soon publish an update of the permanent Catalogue of entomofauna on Orthoptera (published in 2009 by the Union of French Entomology), which had been coordinated by B. default, E. Sardet and Y. Braud to the title of the ascetic.

If you have new comments from the 2009 edition, we invite you to us, if you wish, before March 16, 2016 at the latest, to the following address:

Updates can be of several types: News, change of category of scarcity, error correction…
In order to take into account these updates, it is essential to know at least the present case, the year of observation, the municipality and the observer. This information can be transmitted by plain text mail, or other format.

But if you want to pass more comprehensive raw data, the following format is recommended:
-name of the taxon, depending on the taxonomic repository published by the ascetic, whose update is permanently available on the site here.
-date (day-month-year).
-geographical location (latitude, longitude, altitude) and administrative (commune, Department).
Comment: for geographical co-ordinates, prefer if possible decimal degrees (in the WGS84 repository) or Lambert 93.
-The data collector (s); If different determinator (s) and if applicable, validator (s): name, first name and, if possible, contact information.
-Manager of the source data: name and contact information.
All on spreadsheet.