Fauna of France of Orthoptera

Locusts from France (Orthoptera Caelifera) volume 1, issues a and b

An indispensable book for the orthopterists.

To order the book: Faune de France.

Erratum: Erratum_Faune France: fascicle 1 a and 1 b

Features of the book:

  • Author: Bernard DEFAUT, David Mfaune_de_franceORICHON
  • Number of pages: 687 pages, 144 figures and xxi pl pictures out of text
  • Price: €65 incl. VAT (two volumes)
  • ISBN: 978-2-903052-36-2
  • Edition Fédération française des sociétés de sciences naturelles
  • Collection: Faune de France
  • Binding: soft
  • Release date: June 2015
  • Width in cm: 24
  • Height in cm: 16
  • Depth in cm: 2 x 2 books

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