Instructions for authors of MOE

Instructions to authors of the MOE journal to download here, or see below:

In order to reduce the heavy workload that represents for editor formatting of articles, is asked authors to comply scrupulously and as fully as possible. (But if impossible, the editor will load however the putting-in-shape).

  • Margins: 2.5 cm at the top and bottom, 2.0 cm left and right.
  • Font: text: Times New Roman, 10. Headers and page numbers: mail News, 9 (headers and page numbers will be formalised by writing).
  • Title of article: 1 column, centered. font TNR, bold, 13 points, to lowercase. No space above the title. No blank lines within the title. Order and family names are rejected at the end of the title. A double line spacing after the title.
  • Authors names: 1 column, centered. font TNR, skinny, tiny, 10 points. First name in lowercase letters, surname in small capitals. Each author’s name is followed by a number placed superscript (which returns to the address). Single line spacing between names and addresses.
  • Authors addresses: 1-column centred: font TNR. skinny, tiny, 8 points. One line per address. Two blank lines (by 8 points) after the last address.
  • For each of the paragraphs “Summary”. «keywords», «abstract» and «Keywords», the first line will be indented a zero and the next with a withdrawal of 0.75 cm.
  • Abstract and key words (not required for the “brief communication” of 1 to 2 pages): 1 column, justified, font TNR. Bold for the title, lean for the tiny text of 9 points. A space of 6 points between “Summary” and “key words”. Single line spacing (9 points) between “key words” and «abstract»
  • Abstract and Keywords (not required for the “brief communication” of 1 to 2 pages): 1 column, justified, font TNR, fatty for the title, lean for the text, tiny, 9 points. A space of 6 points between “abstract” and “keywords”.
  • After paragraph «keywords» insert single line spacing (9 points), then the following short reason: oOo (in TNR 9), then line spacing (9 points).
  • Main text: on 2 columns, justified, police lean 1NR, by 10 points. Withdrawal of 0.50 in each paragraph.
  • Row headings 1 (such as ‘Introduction’, ‘materials and methods’, ‘First party’, “Con-clusion”: centered, TNR 11.) bold, small caps, centered. Followed by leading by 8
  • Row headings 2: justified (withdrawal of the first line; 0.50.), TNR 10, bold, small caps. (No line spacing then).
  • Row headings 3: justified (the first line indent: 0.50.), TNR 10, bold, tiny. (No line spacing then).
  • Page footnotes: justified. TNR 8, skinny, tiny.
  • Tables and figures: 1 or 2 columns, depending on their size. (If necessary they will be in format ‘landscape’).
  • Titles of tables and Ligurian: centered. TNR 10 fatty. Then leading by 8 points.
  • Interleaved text (if any) between the litre of table and table: justified, TNR skinny 9. Followed by leading by 8 points.
  • Nomenclature to be used for the litres Islands «figures», «diagrams», «decay», «tables»: free choice is left to the author.
  • References: The withdrawal of the first line is zero, one of the following lines is 0.50. The “Références” heading is in smaller TNR 11: it is preceded by a line spacing of 10 and followed by leading by 8.

References will be presented according to the following pattern:

Chapuis m.-p.., 2006 – the population of an insect genetics sprouting, the locust. Locusta migratoria.  Thesis, ENSA Montpellier, June 20, 2006), 72 p.

Harz k. & a. Kaltenbach, 1976 – Die Orthopteren Europas: 3. W. Junk, the Hague, 434 p.

Remaudière M., 1947 – on the existence in France of a new subspecies of Locusta migratoria L. proceedings of the Academy of Sciences, 225: 1025-1026.

Furthermore it is specified that each page in colors will be charged at EUR 25 authors.

To be able to publish in the journal must be a signatory Subscriber and to date of its contribution.