Sites about the Orthoptera:

Orthoptera Species File Online:

This site lists all of the 22 000 species of Orthoptera in the world, with each species descriptor, the date of description, main work on species, determination keys, synonyms…

Orthoptera Armoricana:

This site is designed to make an inventory of the existing knowledge on the Orthoptera of the armorican Massif. Updated list of Orthoptera species identified on the armorican Massif, as well as their distribution patterns.

Orthopterists’ Society:

The Orthopterists’ Society is an international scientific organization whose purpose is to ease communication between all those who are interested in Orthoptera and related insects. It publishes the journal “Journal of Orthoptera Research” twice a year.


Website of the Association for the study and protection of Orthoptera in Rhone-Alpes.


Cirad has issues of locusts researchers. Entomologists or botanists, ecologists, or engineers, they compose the “French” research unit, formerly known as the “Prifas”. Their mission: study locusts in their natural environment and contribute to improve the surveillance and locust control methods.

Sites about insects:


The OPIE conducts awareness-raising, information, Council-training, livestock insects and protection and maintenance of the diversity of insects in their living environment. It publishes the magazine “Insects”.


The association is designed to encourage the practice of Entomology and develop entomological studies, particularly in their ecological aspects, in the Midi-Pyrénées region. OPIE-MP educates the general public and the school (farm schools network, Entomological trunks in the Tarn and in Ariège). It broadcasts the insects from the OPIE magazine and contributes to its national projects (inventories of pollinators, followed by Maculinea and Odonata of the Habitats Directive).


CERCOPE is designed to stimulate studies and research on invertebrates in the region Centre biodiversity conservation approach. Its activity covers the departments of Cher, Eure-et-Loir, Indre, Indre-et-Loire, Loir-et-Cher and the Loiret.

Sites about the fauna and flora:

French Federation of Natural Sciences societies:

The Federation is the only forum to bring together its national Associations members, more or less specialized, such as companies of Botany, geology, zoology, entomology, of herpetology, Mycology, ornithology, ISE… France, and regional, departmental or local companies. Since 1921, it publishes the faunas of France.

Tree of Life web project:

The tree of life web project (ToL) is the fruit of the collaboration of biologists from around the world. More than 9000 World Wide Web pages, the project provides information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their evolutionary (phylogeny) history, and their characteristics. is a comprehensive site on management, the creation of websites, digiscoping and offering numerous naturalistic photographs of beautiful quality.

Other sites:

ABES – Sudoc:

Sudoc allows you to:-implement the available to all users, in free access on the Web, a Union catalogue, unique identification of all types of documents tool and allowing their location in libraries of higher education – available to users, professionals and empowered users, a process fully integrated and computerized ranging from consultation of the catalogue to the direct emission of the application for the document (interlibrary loan (: PEB), or even to the consultation of the full-text – put at the disposal of the library professionals of the tools to reduce the charges currently related to the production of the cataloguing and interlibrary loan management.

Pages for publications of Bernard Defaut:

On these personal pages, the author’s publications are downloadable. They concern the following topics: Taxonomy and nomenclature of the Orthoptera. Determination of Orthoptera; Chorological; Entomocenotique basic and applied; Vulnerability of Orthoptera; Phytoclimatology; Various.