Red list of Orthoptera of France

National red list and red lists
by biogeographical realms.

Eric Sardet * & Bernard Defaut * (coordinators) ¹

This work led to nationwide, on the other hand across the eight biogeographic areas, collectively adjusted methodology. At the national level, the French fauna of Orthoptera (sensu stricto: Ensifera and Grasshopper) includes 216 species and subspecies. 10 of them are close to extinction or are already extinct (monitoring priority 1), 23 are strongly threatened with extinction (priority 2), and 46 are to be monitored (priority 3).

This undertaking was initiated by the coordinators in January 2002. Most of the french orthopterists immediately joined and began to teamwork (often) on the regional lists that governed them.

We met once in April 2003, in Orleans, to make the point on our methodological practice, and to collectively achieve the synthesis of the biogeographical nemoral realm.

A second meeting was held in Lyon, in January 2004, to achieve syntheses of other bio-geographical areas and the national list.

It is in Lyon that we considered to publish the main findings of this work in the present review, departmental and regional red lists being left to the initiative of local associations.

All this was again debated and finally confirmed in May 2004 in Banyuls, on the sidelines of the General Assembly of ASCETE.

¹ this article must be referenced as follows:

Sardet E. & B. default (coordinators), 2004. Les Orthoptères menacés en France. Liste rouge nationale et listes rouges par domaines biogéographiques. Matériaux Orthoptériques et Entomocénotiques, 9 : 125-137.

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