MOE Journal

The journal of ASCETE: Matériaux Orthoptériques & Entomocénotiques

reviewIt is currently the most concrete cement of ASCETE. This publication is annual. The journal is intended primarily to accommodate the work of the orthopterists and french entomocenoticians.

The themes treated in priority, including in the magazine are: the criteria for the determination of the taxa, studies on the basic taxonomy, Biogeography, ecology, ethology, vulnerability, media management applications, and impact assessments.

With regard to studies of stands, the magazine is not confined to the entomocenotic method, but it also hosts other types of studies.

On the other hand the magazine is open also to of methodological reflections, such as the comparison of different methods for the study of stands, presentation of the methodological peculiarities inherent in the study taxonomic group, etc. It is also open to “peripheral” papers, like the methods of density’s evaluation, Paleogeographic reconstructions, characterization of the geographic, plant or bioclimatic framework, etc.

Summaries of papers published in the journal

Summaries of papers in vol. 7 (2002) volume 19 (2014)

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