Synopsis of Orthoptera

In its new edition the "Synopsis of the Orthoptera of France" is a volume of 87 pages. It contains two clearly distinct parts: firstly a "synopsis of the species", which is an update of the edition 1997, and on the other hand a "synopsis of the synusies", which is entirely new.

The synopsis of the species"is a focus on the number of french (considered to the subspecies rank) taxa, on their geographical extension and some aspects of their biology. It only concerns the Ensifera Chopard orders (1920), grasshopper Ander (1939), Phasmoptera Jeannel (1947) and Mantodea Burmeister (1838).

The "synopsis of the synusies" presents the complete syntaxonomique system to date (5 divisions, 10 classes, 11 orders, 13 alliances) regards the synusia senior units, this because it is important to situate the French synusies in a broader context; but it was naturally limited to the national territory (30 synusies and 6 groups) with regard to the synusies (and the 'groupings', which are only poorly characterized synusies).

With the list of the characteristic species of each of the hierarchical levels of the synsysteme it is a working tool quite new and that will render service to those wishing to embark on studies entomocenotiques.

The «Orthoptera synusies» are an Entomological equivalent of "plant associations" within the meaning of the zuricho-Mehr School of phytosociology. For more details on the concepts and vocabulary of the entomocenotique refer to default (1994).

NB: Book out of print

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